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Bogs Diamond was an inmate at Shawshank State Penitentiary until 1949. He was a member of The Sisters, a bull queer group. Bogs was the primary antagonist in the first part of the film.


Bogs and his gang first notice Andy at lunch and later he encounters Andy Dufresne in the showers, where he sizes him up. Andy just walks away and Bogs says he's playing hard to get which he likes. Over the next two years, sometime Andy fights Bogs off but he still continues to target Andy, who often shows up with fresh bruises.

In 1949, Andy and the other inmates are watching Gilda. Andy leaves, Bogs confronts him and forces him into the projection room. Andy hits Rooster with a reel of film, breaking his nose. The Sisters overpower Andy and force him to his knees. Bogs tells him that Andy he must perform oral sex on him or else he will stab him in the head.

Andy says that stabbing him will cause him to bite harder and insults Bogs' intelligence. So Andy doesn't get stabbed in the head, nor does he perform oral sex. Instead, Bogs beats Andy within an inch of his life.

Bogs spends a week in the hole for his actions. Meanwhile, Andy is sent to the infirmary for a month to recover. When his time is up, Captain Hadley and Guard Mert are waiting for him at his cell, where they hit him with their batons and brutally beat him until he is paralyzed (Hadley, with Andy's help, had earlier acquired a settlement of some money).

Bogs never walked again and the sisters never targeted Andy again out of fear, he was transferred to a minimum security hospital upstate. According to Red's knowledge, Bogs spent the rest of his life "drinking his food through a straw."


  • According to director Frank Darabont, there was to be an additional scene in which Bogs blew Andy a kiss during breakfast. The scene was cut because it implied Bogs to be homosexual, as opposed to a prison rapist, which Darabont drew a line between.

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