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Byron T. Hadley
Captain Hadley
Gender Male
Occupation Captain of the Guards
Played by Clancy Brown
Status Alive (Arrested)

Captain Byron T. Hadley is Secondary antagonist in Shawshank Redemption along Warden Norton. He was played by Clancy Brown.


Captain Hadley is the captain of the guards at Shawshank Prison. He is a guard who thinks nothing of delivering beatings to the inmates to keep them in line and his brutality is shown a few times during the movie and the novel.


  • When cast for the role, Brown declined the offer to study real-life prison guards as preparation for his role, because he did not want to base it on any one person.
  • In the movie, Hadley was the lead guard until the end, where as in the novel, lead guards come and go. Also in the movie, Hadley was arrested, where as in the novel he retired after a heart attack.
  • According to Red, "he cried like a girl" when he was getting arrested.
  • After Brown played the role in this movie, he then started voice acting, and went on to play his most well-known role in the favorite children's show, Spongebob SquarePants as Mr. Krabs.

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